Connection to Monitoring Centers

Connection to Monitoring Centers

MAKS PRO burglar alarm system works with most ContactID-compatible monitoring programs.

Connection to monitoring software is possible with:

  • software MAKS Retranslator (recomended);
  • or reciever MAKS Ethernet.

How receivers work

  • receiver works with MAKS PRO via a secure two-way protocol;
  • receiver connects to the monitoring station software via TCP, UDP or via a virtual COM port;
  • data from MAKS PRO converted to ContactID protocol;
  • receiver controls the uniqueness of MAKS PRO devices.

MAKS Retranslator

Software for working with MAKS PRO:

  • one software for Windows and Linux;
  • REST API for integration with other software;
  • WEB interface to control MAKS PRO devices;
  • remote commands: status, remote arming, block arming, firmware upgrade, backup and restore configuration;
  • controls the uniqueness of MAKS PRO devices (anti-sabotage);
  • event history reports;
  • “black” and “white” list of devices.
MAKS Retranslator