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Security alarm system MAKS PRO

Your home is your fortress, so even when you are not at home, you would prefer to know that everything is fine.
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The wireless alarm system MAKS PRO is the most current development of ITV Ltd. and one of the best products in the security systems market.

This is the solution for reliable protection of home and business with wide functionality, convenient management and stylish design.

The system can easily fit into any interior, thanks to the different colors of devices.

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Easy installation without disturbing the interior

Smartphone control

Smartphone or tablet setup

Arm “Stay”

Remote control and configuration via Web portal

Wireless detectors 868.0 … 868.6 MHz, channel redundancy, distance – up to 4800m

30 partitions (security groups)

Built-in LiIon battery, up to 25 hours of operation without main power

Work with any ContactID-compatible secutity software

Easy devices registration on turning on

Unique technical solutions for users convenience

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How it works

Day and night the system will monitor your home and alert you in case of any danger.

Wireless devices are connected to the security center via reliable encrypted radio communications, and the mobile application allows you to manage all the functions of the system.

Easy installation

10-15 minutes and your house has an ultra-modern security system.
  • Easy installation, no need to even open MAKS devices
  • The devices have simple brackets and can be installed on double-sided tape or screws
  • Thanks to the design and various color solutions, the system easily and simply fits into any interior
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  • Up to 5 years of operation from the installed battery. There is no problems with the replacement – popular AAA, CR123A, CR2032, RC2 batteries are used
  • The detectors sensitivity or their operating modes is adjusted exclusively by the MAKS SETUP mobile app
Quick start guide

Easy setup

Complete MAKS PRO configuration and diagnostics with the MAKS SETUP application, from a smartphone or in a WEB browser
  • Adding and adjusting all elements of the wireless system
  • Adding users to the system and adjusting mobile access
  • Fine-tuning of the system: adjusting wireless system elements
  • Communications test: radio quality check
  • Connection to the Contact ID software: operation with alarm system
  • Firmware update
  • View event log
MAKS PRO Googleplay
MAKS PRO App Store

Ease of controls

MAKS PRO app for smartphone is the main control element of the security system.

It is as simple as possible and not overloaded with unnecessary information.

With MAKS PRO you can always check if your family and property are safe.

When an unwanted movement or opening of windows is detected, you will receive a notification and you can watch the video to check if there is any reason for concern.

MAKS PRO Googleplay
MAKS PRO App Store
  • Arm “Stay” and arm “Away” modes
  • Disarming with one movement
  • View event log
  • Receiving push notifications of alarm events, arming and disarming of the system
  • Controlling of partitions (security groups) and appliances
  • Arming and disarming all or several partitions simultaneously
  • Selecting the group display mode on the main screen

We took care of protecting your interests and security in MAKS Cloud. A subset of security devices belonging to the monitoring center account is protected.

MAKS PRO cannot be switched to another monitoring center without first disconnecting to the previous center.

Also, a full logging of activity for setting up the system by the engineering staff is performed.


Modern communication channels Wi-Fi or Ethernet, GSM / GPRS providing instant and stable communication with monitoring stations, as well as user’s smartphones.

MAKS PRO utilises 2 IP addresses obtained from the monitoring stations receivers MAKS Translator or MAKS Ethernet for redundancy.

How to connect MAKS PRO

How to choose the security system

Alarm system choice usually starts with resolving the alternative between wireless and wired devices. Although wireless systems are more expensive, users are increasingly choosing them. Installing a wireless alarm is much simpler and faster than laying and connecting wires. Devices can be moved, there are wide possibilities for scaling and adding new modules to the system.
So pay attention to such points:

how far is wireless range between devices and how reliable and secure is the connection

how many and which devices can be connected to the base unit

is it possible to connect to monitoring station

what communication channels are used

how to manage the system, what functions, adjustments and modes are available

and finally, what is the price

Benefits MAKS PRO security alarm system

The MAKS BAND wireless alarm system uses MAKS BAND data transmission technology, which allows to transmit a radio signal up to 4800 m (in open space), and adding repeaters to the system doubles this distance. Due to the parallel use of two transceivers operating at different frequencies, the communication is stable, reliably protected from interference and jamming.

This burglar alarm can be connected to the ContactID compatible monitoring stations. Many professional security agencies use receiver to work with MAKS PRO. The signal to a monitoring stations is transmitted direcltly via the Internet and GSM/GPRS channels (not via the cloud), which ensures communication efficiency and protection from hackers. A user of alarm system receives notifications on a smartphone through a cloud service. The system can notify up to 60 users.

  • up to 99 wireless devices can be connected to the MAKS PRO. It controls up to 30 security groups with different settings;
  • there are two different applications. One for tuning, system diagnostics designed even for inexperienced users; and the second for everyday alarm management. User application is easy and convenient, with the most necessary functions;
  • in addition to user mobile app, you can use a keyfob with programmable buttons (3 buttons – 4 commands), or keypad;
  • magnetic contacts detectors works fine on metal doors;
  • work with IP video cameras and video stream transmission without delays;
  • installing and adding devices to the system is as simple as possible;
  • the benefits of the system are a stylish modern design and an affordable price.

Types of security systems kits

There are three starter kits:

  • MAKS PRO WiFi (base unit supports Wi-Fi);
  • MAKS PRO WiFi S, also with Wi-Fi support and with a keyfob instead of a mini-keypad.

All kits are available in black and white colors.

What is included in the alarm system kit

The security alarm starter kit includes:

  • the base unit MAKS PRO or MAKS PRO WiFi – the brain of the system, which interacts with all devices;
  • MAKS PIR – infrared motion detector with 3 sensitivity levels;
  • MAKS WDC mini – magnetic contact detector, equipped with an additional brown case;
  • MAKS Keypad mini or MAKS Keyfob, depending on the kit.

Additional equipment for starter kit extension available: flood detectors, smoke detectors, a combined motion and glass break detectors, sirens, etc