MAKS Valve DN20 kit

4,389.00 грн.

Wireless valve control device. KLD20S valve included.

  • Open and close the valve, up to 5000 cycles.
  • Automatic “run” once a week.
  • 868.0 … 868.6MHz, several channels for redundancy, distance – up to 4800 m in open space
  • Device and valve power – two CR123A batteries
  • Up to 3 years of battery life
  • Simple and convenient installation
  • Water valve 3/4 BB with backup manual drive
  • Overall dimensions – 84.5 x 84.5 x 24.3 mm
  • Operating temperature range from -10 °C to + 55 °C
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MAKS Valve kit – a global solution to a local problem!
The MAKS Valve kit is a set of servo-driven ball valves with a control module that shuts off the water supply in the event of an accident.


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