Security alarm system for house

The private houses in the city, as well as country houses, cottages, summer residences attract the attention of criminals. Such houses are often left unattended for a long time, and criminals have a great opportunity to get inside without attracting much attention. Security alarm system for the house will help to scare off intruders or catch them red-handed.

Who needs a security alarm system for house

If intrusuion into your home can cause serious damage, and the likelihood of such intrusion is high enough, the installation of a security system for the house is justified. The risk of intrusion is higher if:

  • the house is located in a secluded place and the neighbors will not notice of intruders;
  • it is used for seasonal living, summer vacations, empty for months;
  • there is no reliable fencing around the perimeter;
  • there is no dog.

Which security alarm system to choose depends on the location of the house, the value of the property. If the house is located in the city or in the area serviced by a security agency, the best solution would be to connect the alarm to the central monitoring station. Also connect a siren to the alarm system.

What is included

Alarm kit for house includes:

  • main unit, a device that receives, processes signals and issues commands to executive devices, such as a siren;
  • motion and opening detectors;
  • devices for arming/disarming – keyfob or keypad.

In addition, you can purchase combined motion and glass break detectors, smoke detectors, flooding detectors, siren and repeater to extend wireless range.

Benefits of MAKS PRO kits

Any user can instal wireless alarm system MAKS PRO for the house. The base unit exchanges signals with detectors and siren at a distance of up to 2 km, so that the system can be installed in large houses. Thanks to the presence of 2 receivers, the system steadfast to interference. The system is smart, reliable, simple and convenient to use.

Benefits of MAKS PRO:

  • up to 8 partitions – the house can be divided into several groups of zones with different alarm settings;
  • mode Arm “Stay”. You can arm only the 1st floor and sleep peacefully on the second, if at night someone gets into the house, the alarm will work;
  • panic button on the key fob – if someone gets into the house, you can quickly send an alarm;
  • up to 5 years batteries operation.